Just last week we finally got Kombucha on tap in the store – and we’re pretty excited about it! It’s something we’ve wanted to offer for years and we finally dragged it across the finish line (yay!). This inspired me to share a bit of my own foray into the world of Kombucha.

Let me start by saying I’m no Doctor; so I’m not promising you that these potential health benefits are true, but even if one or two are true … that’s great! Here are some of the potential benefits that I’ve read about in my research:

  • Contains probiotics (good for gut health)
  • Contains antioxidants (which prevent cell damage)
  • Kills potentially harmful microorganisms/has antibacterial properties (when its made from green or black tea)
  • May reduce heart disease because of its effect on cholesterol
  • May help with the management of Type 2 Diabetes

That’s quite a laundry list of benefits!

I fell in love with the idea of Kombucha several years ago. I even went to the extent of brewing my own for about 6 months. I bought some equipment on line and purchased a scoby right here in Bowness at the Light Cellar.  If you’ve never heard of a scoby before, you need to know … that’s where the magic is. This gross looking blob is what’s responsible for all of the Kombucha goodness that I talked about earlier. Its a living entity (mother), that needs feeding and care to flourish. I would feed it weekly batches of sugary tea; and by and large, it seemed happy. Then we went out of town for awhile (this is where the heart-wrenching part comes in).

Now, I know what you’re thinking, no, I didn’t completely neglect my precious scoby, but I did put it in the fridge so it could enter a kind of stasis until I could tend to it lovingly once again.

Sadly, when I returned, I didn’t get into the Kombucha groove again … I procrastinated and procrastinated, leaving my scoby to wallow in its sizable container at the back of our fridge. What could I do? She was alive … I couldn’t throw her away (gasp!), so I let her sit for what may have been months. Then I was saved by my sister-in-law Deanna, who was interested in making her own Kombucha. I was so relieved to find a good home for my scoby and to release the responsibility I had been feeling to keep her alive (whew!)

When I think about it, there were a few reasons that the charm of making my own Kombucha wore off:

  • It was a real process preparing the weekly tea concoction; involved sterilizing the bottles, brewing the tea and being meticulously clean. Not to mention periodically down-sizing the growing blob of scoby.
  • I never mastered flavoured Kombucha; so we were stuck with a plain green tea/black tea combo. It was good, but I enviously yearned for the flavours of store-bought Kombucha
  • As you can tell, I was plagued with feelings of responsibility and commitment to my scoby too. No thank you.

Now that we have Kombucha on tap here at the store I can get back on the Kombucha bandwagon without dealing with all the fuss. The company that provides our Kombucha; True Büch Kombucha is a local company (which we love) with values that match our own: ie: supporting local businesses and reducing waste among others. They are incredibly socially active. Every bottle that they fill provides a meal for hungry youth in their MealShare program. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. To read about all of the programs they are involved in, check out this link on their website http://truebuch.com/projects So yay!

As a reward for reading this far, I’m also going to include a link to a True Büch Kombucha concoction (you can thank me later!) http://truebuch.com/news/2019/2/7/buch-cocktails-drizzle-honey-kombucha-cocktail. If you try it, let me know what you think.

Now, you may wonder how my scoby is doing these days. The truth is I don’t know. I prefer to imagine her happily frolicking with a family of well-adjusted scoby’s over at Deanna’s place than to risk asking  about her and perhaps learning that Deanna too grew tired of the responsibility. I warned you this would be heart-wrenching 🙂