Please meet our Super B complex. It is in the name! This Super supplement offers great levels of Individual B vitamins required for so many functions in our body.

It features higher levels of vitamin B12 in a form of Methylcobalamin – the desired form that your body can use more efficiently, while supporting the liver.

B 12 plays an important role in reducing inflammatory markers and aids in cardiovascular function, a.k.a. healthy heart. It is required for proper digestion and absorption of foods, and metabolism of carbohydrates and fats from our diet- and who wouldn’t want that?  

Deficiency in B12 may manifest as chronic fatigue, headaches, moodiness and nervousness.

B6 in this complex positively affects both physical and mental health. It is beneficial if you suffer from water retention and is necessary in proper production of stomach acid for improved digestion.

Almighty B5 is known as a anti stress vitamin and supports proper function of our adrenals. So next time you are feeling stressed, think B5!

It is important to mention that B vitamins work in synergy, therefore one would typically take them as a complex, to prevent imbalances, rather than single vitamins. If you would like advice as to when it would be appropriate to choose a single vitamin; please check in with one of our Wellness Consultants.

Be sure stop by to speak to one of our Wellness Consultants to learn more about Vitamin B or any of our other supplements!