Craig and I were at a Food Trade Show last week. It was hosted by the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers and was held in Toronto. We try to go every fall because we bring back such great ideas.

One of the seminars that I attended at the most recent show was about food trends.  They talk a lot about the habits of Millennials as well as the cohort that’s coming up behind them, the Gen Z’s. I won’t delve too deeply into the general characteristics of those two groups (that’s a topic for an entire blog post in itself). They represent a very large group of current and up and coming consumers, that’s why they tend to receive a great deal of focus.

What I learned about them, as relates to their eating trends is that they eat more meals out as well as more ready made meals (so come in and enjoy our deli!). What I also learned is that this group indicated they would actually love to cook more; but they don’t know what to make, and time is very valuable.

This got me thinking about a wonderful recipe app that we use called I think it would be a great tool for someone who doesn’t cook as much as they’d like. It has a great deal of functionality. What I like is that it allows you to:

  • Easily add recipes
  • Plan Meals
  • Create a Shopping List from your recipe ingredients
  • Sync Recipes and Shopping Lists with the Pepperplate App on your phone.

Where I think this could help people who don’t cook as much as they’d like is; it makes it easy to plan ahead. I think one of the biggest impediments to cooking is the challenge of deciding what to make.

When we use it faithfully, our process involves adding new recipes that we think are interesting whenever we happen to run across them. Then we just go through them in order … today we might make the first recipe in our list, tomorrow the next and so on. It makes meal planning easy; we don’t have to think about what to have … it’s just there waiting for us. You can also categorize recipes (you create the categories)… so, for example, all of your recipes that you can throw together in 15 minutes or less could be in the category “Quick” … so when you’re in a hurry, look at recipes in that category.

I should add, that the folks at Pepperplate aren’t paying me to tell you all this, I’m just a Pepperplate zealot is all.