You may not be familiar with our new loyalty program … we launched it back in April. We thought this would be a great forum to share the rationale behind why we love this loyalty program and how you can benefit from it. We’ll dive a little deeper than you can get in your quick exchanges with our cashiers at the tills.

We’ve been percolating on introducing such a program ever since Craig read a book “Customer Specific Marketing – The New Power In Retailing” by Brian P. Woolf. That was quite a few years ago, in a pre-automation world.

The idea behind customer focused marketing is that you put your promotional dollars towards rewarding your best customers. An example would be … suppose we have a customer who shops regularly; buys alot of their groceries here, and along with their other grocery purchases regularly buys a specific brand of toothpaste. We could single out that customer to provide them with a deal on their favourite toothpaste. Its a great way to reward customers for their loyalty in a meaningful way.

Appcard is a company out of the US who has fine tuned the ability to reward customers and have developed a very sophisticated program. If you opt to join, provide us with your email address and/or mobile phone number, that gives us the opportunity to tailor your rewards to suit your tastes. Their tagline is “The Next Generation of Customer Engagement”. We can also share deals with you; that relate specifically to the types of products  you tend to purchase!

Here’s a link to the AppCard site that explains this concept from their perspective

And we feel great knowing that we can make sure the customers who shop here are benefiting from the business they provide us. Win-win. What could be better?

We imagine with this type of marketing, eventually paper copies of flyers will become obsolete so it’s better for the environment too; in the long run.