With summer days finally here, it is important to remind everyone to stay hydrated. And here are a few tips for WHY and HOW to do that throughout the summer months and beyond.

Did you know that human body consists of at least 60% of water, this number is higher in babies, reaching the 75% of their bodies made up of water!.

Water is the primary component of all body fluids and is involved in almost every bodily function: digestion, circulation, absorption and elimination of wastes, to name a few.

In so many ways water is fundamental to life!

On average we need about 12 cups of water daily, this equals to 3 Litres of water. These cups do not have to come from our drinking water, however. They can include the water our food contains. In average 4 cups of daily water come from food, but we need to drink the remaining 8 cups!

Our water demands depend on:

  • The climate -the hotter the climate the more water our bodies require to function properly.
  • Activity level- physically active people require more water to replenish fluid loss through sweat.
  • Our diet-diet rich in hydrating fruits and vegetables provides more water than processed foods.
  • Body size-our bodies are unique and vary in water requirements.

The research shows that 20% of people drink no water at all, and 42% of us consume a mere of 2 glasses or fewer.

Without enough water we basically dry ourselves out-the technical term-dehydration. In medical research it is linked to a long list of chronic health problems our society is struggling with these days.

So, what should I do, you might ask?

First and most important, EAT YOUR WATER.

Snack on these wonderful hydrating fruit and vegetables throughout the day:

Stop by the Bownesian Grocer to stock up on fresh produce to keep you hydrated throughout the summer and beyond.

Cucumbers- contain 98% of water

Strawberries and Grapefruit -91%

Tomatoes- 95%

Celery 95%

Watermelon 92%

Lettuce and Melon 96%

What should I drink?

Let’s look at our drinking water choices, because water is second in importance only to air for sustaining life, we DO want to do the best we can when it comes to choosing what water to drink. Let’s look at it on a continuum scale, from good –> better –> best.

Good: Calgary’s municipal tap water is the first available and cost effective choice. Although, our tap water is considered a good quality water, comparing to other municipalities- the downside is that it may still contain possible contaminants and disinfectants, such as Chlorine.

Better: Basic counter top filters containing activated carbon are the most common type of filter and are effective in removing large molecules such as chemicals and chlorine and heavy metals. The downside of this filtration system is that it can be breeding ground for bacteria. It is important to ensuring that filter is replaced often to prevent microorganism growth and contamination. This leads to increased waste and burden to the environment. In addition, this filtration method does not remove the contaminants that are smaller than the filter pores.

Best: Let’s look at the Santevia filtration systems- available at Bownesian Grocer.

A few of the many benefits of this filtration system are that it filters tap water contaminants such as chlorine, heavy metals and microplastics.

In addition, a wonderful benefit of this system -it adds natural elements such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and hydrogen back into your drinking water. Those elements are required to alkalize the water- in other words to make the water less acidic. Our bodies function best in alkaline environment. The addition of these minerals shifts the pH (measure of acidity) of the water up, and boost its alkalinity so your body can thrive and stay balanced.

Stay hydrated! Stay healthy!