Julia MacPhee C.H.N.C., Pn1 | FitNutritiona Consulting |  www.Fitnutrition.ca

It’s not summer without cold, juicy, and refreshing watermelon. This recipe is the perfect addition to your summer meal that your entire family will love-even the picky eaters! It is like a healthier version of a Greek salad, but better.

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Nutritional Juiciness:

Watermelon is a hydrating fruit, containing 98% water and electrolytes- perfect for a hot summer day. Watermelon is a natural diuretic, which makes it useful for weight loss, and is blood purifier. It helps to cleanse tissues and is a good source of lycopene, an anti-cancer substance.

This salad offers a great combination of natural sugar with healthy fats in feta and walnuts to slow down the effects and the absorption of the watermelon sugars by the body.