I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there seems to be a move afoot to roast coffee locally. This coffee is sometimes marketed as “local”, and of course, no one is trying to fool you into thinking that the beans were grown here; we just don’t have that kind of climate (unfortunately!). Local just means the beans were roasted here.

We did a quick tally here at the store and we’re currently selling 8 different brands of locally roasted coffee. That’s up from zero just a few short years ago.

This quick shift begs the question; why? What is the advantage of locally roasted coffee, and what’s in it for you, the consumer? Some of the answers are obvious and some may surprise you.

  • You’re supporting local business by purchasing locally roasted coffee
  • Locally roasted coffee, means fresher coffee. Some of our roasts are delivered to the store within a day or two of roasting.
  • The aroma and flavour is better, with the fresher roast
  • Consistent/Dependable supply
  • There is some indication that the antioxidants are a higher quality; due to the fresher roast
  • As with the craft beer movement, coffee roasters bring their own artistry to the roasting process to produce their own signature roasts.

A couple of months ago, Craig, Jennifer and I had the good fortune to visit one of our local roasters to select our unique Bownesian branded coffees. What ensued was a leisurely taste test and education about the coffee we were sampling. Sampling coffee is not dissimilar from sampling wine; excepting that the wine “glow” is replaced with a coffee “buzz”. You’re tasting for subtle flavours in the coffee … like chocolate and the like. Personally, I just know what I liked; and I certainly liked the coffees that we ended up choosing.

Our host, Karl wrote this little blurb for us to share with our customers in talking about our Bownesian branded coffee.

The Bownesian Grocer’s beans are manditorily sourced from ethically run coffee farms. Our suppliers are in direct contact with the farms and make sure the quality is consistent and dependable. We make sure to deliver our product from roasterie to shelf as fresh as possible as we know that attention to detail is what makes a big difference. Thank you for supporting local as well as supporting the countries of origin of the Bownesian Blends. We look forward to bringing you a memorable product.

We think that pretty much sums it up. And if you haven’t tried any of our local roasts, we recommend that you treat yourself! Maybe try a few different roasts so that you can arrive at the one that perfectly suits your own unique taste.